Name: Judith R

City: New York, NY

Type of Work: Interior Painting

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Hire Again: Yes

Review: "Mr. Chirinos and assistants redid 2 rooms in my coop apartment plus assorted repairs and improvements. Included painting, carpentry, inventive solutions to odd problems with an old building to improve appearance and functioning, lighting, etc. etc. The beauty of his services, besides graciousness, timeliness, flexibility, total security, and speed, is that Mr. Chirinos is a problem solver who comes up with solutions, gets all needed parts, is careful about prices, and works around whatever challenges the work like moving things, my schedule for use of certain rooms, the dog, etc. Quite amazing really, and our strict superintendent has hired him for many other people in our fussy coop having witnessed his work for me over many years. We only are so disappointed he is is Colorado! He does have such fans in NYC that sometimes we are lucky enough to have him here for a couple weeks and believe me we grab it. Top notch."