Name: Stella C

City: Whitestone, NY

Type of Work: Paint

Rating: 5 - Excellent

Hire Again: Yes

Review: "Daniel painted my 3 bedrooms and hallway; he also repaired a small area around my air conditioner. He is absolutely clean and cleaned after himself as he went along. He is very careful not to break anything and covered everything. I did not have to worry about anything and at the end, everything was very clean. He was neat with his work and did not splatter paint anywhere. He even moved all the furniture and put it back to its place, which was great for me because my husband nor I were really able to do it. The quality of the painting work was perfect. I give him only 5 stars because I am not allowed to give more on this site, but I would give him more if I could. He is outstanding and I highly recommend him. I have already recommended him many times in the past. I love his neat, great, professional work. He is a pleasure to work with and know."